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AREDS and AREDS2 are the Only Vitamins Proven to Support Eye Health

There are plenty of eye vitamins on the market that claim to support eye health. The claims range from preserving eyesight to improving vision. A recent study decided to analyze these eye vitamins to determine if they contained necessary amounts of essential ingredients proven to decrease the progression of AMD. The conclusion was that only the AREDS or AREDS2 formula contains the proper percentage of ingredients that have been proven effective in slowing the progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).


According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness among seniors in the United States.

AREDS РSupplements determined in 2001 to be able to slow the progression of AMD in those who already had it.

AREDS2- The replacement of Beta-carotene in AREDS formula with related nutrients, lutein and zeaxanthin. Beta-carotene was removed in AREDS2 because it can cause an increased risk of lung cancer in smokers. Both formulas are still recommended by Ophthalmologists.

If you have any questions regarding your eye vitamins, please call our office at (707) 263-3500. You can also purchase AREDS2 from Dr. Sampson’s office.


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